Ndola Meeting – Sensitizing Members of Staff on Ethics and Code of Conduct in the Judiciary


The Hon. Mr. Justice Jones Chinyama, Supreme Court Judge and Chairperson of the Advisory Committee on Public Relations and Information held an interactive meeting with members of staff at Ndola on Monday 11th September 2017. The meeting which was the first of its kind was aimed at sensitizing members of staff on Ethics and Code of Conduct in the Judiciary.

The Hon. Mr. Justice Chinyama in his remarks reminded members of staff of the honorable image that the Judiciary enjoys in the nation. He further reminded the members of staff on the importance of the role that they play as flag bearers and ambassadors of the Judiciary, and emphasized on the need of conducting oneself as such.
The meeting which was well attended provided the much needed interactive platform with staff members. It addressed issues such as appropriate dress code at the workplace, the importance of excellence in service delivery, and upholding the highest ethical standards in the Judiciary.
The members of staff highlighted the importance of all round inclusion in events such as exhibitions, as well as countrywide representation in the various advisory committees.
Hon. Mr. Justice was accompanied by Hon. Mr. Joshua Banda, High Court Registrar- Ndola, Hon. Mr. John Mbuzi, Chief Resident Magistrate- Ndola, Hon. Mr. Rogers Kaoma, Senior Research Advocate, Mr. Andrew Kunda, Senior Human Resource Officer, and Mrs Kalumba Slavin, Public Relations Officer and Secretary of the Advisory Committee on Public Relations and Information and other senior members of administrative staff.

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