Cooperation between the Judiciary of Zambia and the Dubai International Financial Centre Court

Lusaka, 27th March 2018 – The Hon. Chief Justice of the Republic of Zambia, Hon Mrs. Justice Irene C. Mambilima led a delegation of the Judiciary of Zambia in welcoming Dr. Andreas Baumgartner, Executive Director of the Dispute Resolution Authority of Dubai to a two day meeting aimed at strengthening corporation between the Commercial Division of the High Court for Zambia, and the Dubai International Financial Centre Courts.
The Hon. Chief Justice was accompanied by the Hon. Deputy Chief Justice, Hon. Mr. Justice Mervin Mwanamwambwa, Hon. Dr. Justice Mumba Malila,SC and Hon. Mr. Justice Nigel K. Mutuna, Judges of the Supreme Court, Hon. Mr. Justice Mweemba, the Hon. Judge-in-Charge of the Commercial Division of the High Court. Others in attendance were the Ms. Nalishebo Imataa, The Chief Administrator, Hon. Charles Kafunda, the Chief Registrar, and other senior members of staff.
The two day visit which focused on strengthening the bilateral relations between the respective jurisdictions addressed issues such as commercial dispute resolution, empowering swift efficient business and investment among others and the possibility of the Dispute Resolution Authority providing technical assistance to the Zambian Judiciary in the field of court automation. This comes as a follow up to the Hon. Chief Justice’s trip to Dubai in October 2017 at Zambia was identified as an important regional trade hub. According to MIT Economic Complexity Index Data, Zambia is the Unites Arab Emirate’s fourth largest source of imports from Africa. These exports, mostly in the form of raw materials, have grown rapidly in recent years, while the UAE is a significant source of foreign direct investment and finance into Zambia, intensifying the need for courts systems in the two countries to collaborate on areas such as contract enforcement.
In her remarks, the Hon. Chief Justice underlined the importance of speedy resolution of disputes, and particularly of commercial matters which have a direct bearing on business entities, and essentially on the economic growth of the nation as a whole. Hon. Chief Justice Mambilima added that “The world is now a global village with trade and commerce thriving across borders. An effective and expedient dispute resolution mechanism has to take into account this reality.”
Dr. Baumgartner thanked the Judiciary of Zambia for an opportunity that facilitated the exchange of ideas between the two countries on areas of relevance in order to propose a technical way forward.
Kalumba Chisambisha-Slavin (Mrs)
Public Relations Officer

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