Swearing In of the Members of the Lands Tribunal by the Hon. Deputy Chief Justice, Hon. Mr. Justice M.S. Mwanamwambwa


Lusaka- 13th April 2018- The Hon. Deputy Chief Justice Hon. Mr. Justice Marvin S. Mwanamwambwa this morning swore in members of the Lands tribunal. The members of the tribunal were appointed by the Hon. Minster of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection on 19th February 2018 pursuant to the Lands Act and the Lands Tribunal Act No. 39 of 2010 of the Laws of Zambia.
The Hon. Deputy Chief Justice in his congratulatory remarks reminded the members of the tribunal on the importance of self-sacrifice in the dispensation of their duties. He said “life is a journey, and it is importance to take some time to reflect on what the nation has done for us as individuals and citizens, and the importance of valuing those things that we sometimes take for granted such as roads, water supply, and others”.
The Hon. Deputy Chief Justice discouraged the members of the tribunal from focusing on self-benefit, such as sitting allowances, but reminded them that sometimes sacrifice leads to unforeseen greater good.
Hon. Mr. Justice Mwanamwambwa said that he was pleased that the Amended Lands Tribunal Act gave the members of the Lands Tribunal a wider scope of jurisdiction within which to operate, which allowed the members of the tribunal to handle matters of land on title.
The Hon. Deputy Chief Justice observed that the members of the tribunal would be performing an adjudicative function, and as such, he emphasized the need for impartiality in exercising their duties, and quoted the provisions of the Bangalore Principles on judicial integrity and independence.
The members of the Lands Tribunal Sworn in are as follows:
1. Mrs. Judith M. Chinyanta Tembo- Chairperson
2. Ms. Victoria Dean- Vice Chairperson
3. Mr. Lungisani Zulu
4. Dr. Patrick Nkoma
5. Mr. Munalula Michael Liweleya
6. Mr. Glenn M. Mwika
7. Mr. Chisembwe Fumbeshi
8. Mr. Coopper Chibomba
9. Mrs. Mwenya Kaela Bwalya
Kalumba Chisambisha-Slavin

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