Courtesy call on the Judiciary by the Director General, Drug Enforcement Commission


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12th January 2022, Lusaka – The Director General of the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) Dr. Musonda Simwayi, this morning paid a courtesy call on His Lordship the Hon. Chief Justice. Dr. Justice Mumba Malila, SC.

The Chief Justice thanked the DEC for the courtesy call on the Judiciary and the critical role they play in the justice system. Accompanying Hon. Chief Justice Malila was the Deputy Chief Justice Hon. Justice Michael Musonda, SC, and the Chief Registrar Mr. Paul Chisha. Also in attendance were the Head Legal of the DEC Mr. Joseph Akapelwa, and the Deputy Head of the Anti-money Laundering Investigations Unit Mr. Steven Sumbukeni. Among the issues discussed was the topical subject of the establishment of the Economic and Financial Crimes Court at both the Subordinate and High Court levels.

In his remarks, the Chief Justice said that the creation of the court was initially a policy pronouncement. This has now been actualised by the promulgation of a Statutory Instrument establishing the division of the High Court which shall be mandated to hear and determine appeals from its Subordinate Court counterpart. The aim of the Court is to strictly follow due process and speedily dispose of economic and financial matters.

The Chief Justice highlighted the fact that economic and financial matters are by their nature complex. There is therefore need for capacity building of adjudicators and judicial officers, in order for them to ably execute their duties.

In response Dr, Simwayi congratulated Dr. Malila on his appointment as Chief Justice. He further thanked the Judiciary for actualising the creation of such a court which had been long overdue. He pledged support in capacitating the judiciary in training of adjudicators and other staff members.

In echoing the Chief Justice’s remarks, the Deputy Chief Justice reiterated that in comparison to other jurisdictions in the region and elsewhere, Zambia had been lagging behind in this area, but with the establishment of the Court, Zambia would now have a voice on the international scope.


Kalumba Chisambisha-Slavin

Judiciary of Zambia

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