Induction of Subordinate Court Magistrates


Lusaka, 19th August 2019 – the Judiciary, through the Advisory Committee on Training and Continuing Education is conducting an induction programme for Subordinate Court Magistrates at Ndozo Lodge in Lusaka. The weeklong induction programme targeted at magistrates from Lusaka, Southern, Central, Western, and Eastern provinces respectively, runs from Monday, 19th – Saturday 24th August 2019.

Officiating on behalf of Her Ladyship the Hon. Chief Justice, Mrs. Justice Irene C. Mambilima, the Hon. Acting Chief Justice, Hon. Justice Michael Musonda, SC, welcomed all participants to the programme that includes a meticulous selection of topics addressing core areas of adjudicative function as well as judicial etiquette. Among the topics to be addressed are subjects such as Case Flow Management, Challenging Areas in Criminal Trials, Cyber Crime and the Electronic Evidence Act. Others are Fraud and Financial Crimes, Court Annexed Mediation, Judgement Ruling/ Writing, and other topical judicial subjects.

In his opening remarks, the Hon. Acting Chief Justice highlighted the importance of judicial independence, which he was quick to add exists alongside judicial accountability. He reminded the participants on the importance of treating time as a judicial resource, and that the power wielded by judicial officers as they expend their duties must be exercised with great responsibility and caution as enormous responsibility rests upon the shoulders of the inductees.

Hon. Justice Musonda, SC thanked the Advisory Committee on Training and Continuing Education and Central Administration for organising the induction programme, and finding suitable and knowledgeable resource persons.

Hon. Ernest Sakala, Chief Justice Emeritus in his presentation on Judicial Code of Conduct and Judicial Ethics commended the organisers of the induction programme for topics that address the very heart of judicial behavior and instil public confidence in the judicial system. He reiterated the importance of upholding judicial ethics and values by all judicial officers in the execution of their duties.

Chairperson of the Advisory Committee on Training and Continuing Education Hon. Lady Justice Mugeni S. Mulenga, thanked the facilitators of the various sessions for the presentations to be made on an all-encompassing programme as well as Central Administration for the continuous support rendered in capacity building of members of staff.

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