Court Operations


Hon. Exnobert Zulu is the Chief Registrar of the Judiciary.

The Chief Registrar (CR) of the Judiciary coordinates administrative functions under court operations. The Office of the Chief Registrar is directly supported by Registrars from different Court Jurisdictions.

The following are the Registrars:

  1. Mr. Rodgers Kaoma – Supreme Court
  2. Mr. Ikechukwu Iduma – Constitutional Court
  3. Ms. Pamela Masheke – Court of Appeal
  4. Ms. Yvonne Nalomba – High Court , Administration
  5. Mr. Sangwani Nyimbiri – High Court , Chambers
  6. Ms. Annie Nsama Chisanga – High Court, Commercial Division
  7. Ms. Ruth Chilembo – High Court, Family and Children’s Division
  8. Ms. Katrina Walubita – High Court, Industrial Relations Division
  9. High Court, Ndola
  10. Ms. Chongo Musonda – High Court Kitwe
  11. Mr. Prince Mwiinga – Subordinate Courts
  12. Mr. Chinkashi Chilingala – Local Courts
  13. Ms. Claudia Luswili Mwanza – The Sheriff


The following are the provincial heads:

  1. Mr. Davies Chibwili– Chief Resident Magistrate, Lusaka
  2. Mr. Dominic Makalicha – Chief Resident Magistrate, Ndola
  3. Ms. Tamala Kakusa – Chief Resident Magistrate, Kitwe
  4. Chief Resident Magistrate, Livingstone
  5. Mrs. Pumulo Kalaluka Mubita – Principal Resident Magistrate, Kabwe
  6. Mrs. Peggy Chishimba Banda – Principal Resident Magistrate, Mansa
  7. Mr. Julius Matata – Principal Resident Magistrate, Chinsali
  8. Mr. Bornface Mwala – Principal Resident Magistrate, Chipata
  9. Mr. Chimuka Mutafela – Principal Resident Magistrate, Solwezi