Administration of The Judiciary

Ms. Nalishebo Imataa- Chief Administrator

Section 5 (1) of the Judiciary Administration Act, 2016, states that the Chief Administrator of the Judiciary is the Chief Executive Officer of the Judiciary and is responsible to the Chief Justice for the day to day administration of the Judiciary and for the implementation of resolutions of the Judicial Service Commission.
Ms. Nalishebo Imataa is the Chief Administrator of the Judiciary. She is assisted in performing her administrative function by the following.

  1. Mr. Clifford Chinene – Director, Human Resource and Administration
  2. Ms. Gwen Mumba – Director, Performance Management
  3. Mr. Vincent Chileshe – Chief Accountant
  4. Mr. Brendon Mandyata – Head Court Reporting
  5. Mr. Laban Sikana – Chief Planner, Infrastructure
  6. Mr. Patrick Malama – Deputy Director, Human Resource Training and Development
  7. Ms. Anne Sakala – Deputy Director, Human Resource
  8. Deputy Director, Human Resource Information & Planning
  9. Ms. Sylvia Tolosi – Deputy Director, Information Technology
  10. Mr. Kangwa Ngándu – Deputy Director, Administration
  11. Mrs. Kalumba Slavin – Deputy Director – Corporate Communications
  12. Mr. Tolomeo Chama – Deputy Director, Performance Management