Constitutional Court Fees


1. (a) On sealing a Petition
(b) On sealing an Originating Summons or originating notice of motion.
2. On sealing a concurrent or renewed Writ of Summons of concurrent originating Summons. K84.00
3. On filling a Presidential Petition K834.00
4. On filing a Presidential Petition record K501.00
5. On Commissioning an Affidavit K33.60
6. On filling an Affidavit of Service K9.00
7. On filling a cross- Petition K168.00
8. On filling an answer to the Petition or cross- Petition K84.00
9. On filling an affidavit in opposing to originating summons or originating Notice of motion K84.00
10. On sealing a third part notice K18.00
11. On filling summons for joinder,

Addition, substitution and striking out of parties



12. On sealing exparte order or any order made in chambers K18.00
13. On filling any Notice not specifically provided for K84.40
14. On sealing a writ of Subpoena for each witness K27.00
15. On filling an Affidavit K 9.00
16. (a) On personal general searches in the Judgment section of civil case register for every name

(b) On personal general search in the Judgment register unspecified number of names in anyone calendar year in any registry of the Constitutional Court

(c) On a search for appearance or any other search (including an inspection not provided for






17 On filing Summons to witness for each witness 27.00
18 On filling bundles of supplementary bundles K144.00
19. On certification of documents per page K30.00
20. On filling an amended petition, originating notice of motion or origination summons K84.00
21. On filling an application for restoration of a matter which has been struck out for non-attendance or any other reason K84.00
22. On filling a consent judgment or consent order K25.80
23. On filling an Interlocutory Notice or motion or application not specifically provided K84.00
24. On sealing of summons in chambers (including a summon for further direction) K25.50
25. Notary public per document K150.00
26. On sealing a writ of execution including a writ of attachment K34.50
27. Transcript of the record of proceedings per page or part thereof K3.00
28. On application for leave to appeal to the Court K54.00
29. On examination of a witness before an officer of the Court for each half or part thereof away from his/her office, his/her reasonable travelling and other expenses are also payable K84.00
30. On filling witness statement K34.50
31. On filling depositions K34.50
32. On sealing any amendment K25.50
33. On filling a notice of appeal K255.00
34. On filling a record of appeal K69.00
35. On filling a memorandum of appeal K34.50
36. On filling a supplementary record of appeal K70.80
37. On filling a notice of non-appearance K83.40
38. On filling a cross appeal K255.00
39. On filling a notice of taxation K69.00
40. On filling application for review of taxation K25.50
41. On leave being granted to review taxation K25.50
42. On filling consent to costs 5 Percent of The Amount Agreed
43. On filling a certificate of urgency K84.00

NOTE: The fees payable in the Constitutional Court are stipulated in fee units. To arrive at the amount payable, a conversion rate of 30 ngwee (Statutory Instrument No. 41 of 2015) for each fee unit is used.