Subordinate Court Fees


Document Amount
Writ of Summons 83
Default Writ of Summons with un-commissioned Affidavit 108
Default Writ of Summons with commissioned Affidavit 91
Money Lenders 183
Committal Order 133
Adoption 158
Affiliation and Maintenance 108
Originating Notice of Motion 108
Judgment Summons 50
Ex-parte/Inter-parte Summons, Order and Affidavit 83
Praecipe/Notice of Entry of Judgment 50
Writ of Fieri Facias (FiFa) 25
Notices 25
Certificate of Urgency 42
Garnishee Summons 33
Search of the whole year 167
Search 8
Judgment copy (per page) 5
Copy of Proceedings (per page) 17
Mediation Fee (per party) 150

NOTE: The fees payable in the Subordinate Court are stipulated in fee units. To arrive at the amount payable, a conversion rate of 30 ngwee (Statutory Instrument No. 41 of 2015) for each fee unit is used.