Swearing-in of Hon. Judges of the High Court



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Lusaka, 14th July 2021 – His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zambia Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu today swore in 10 Hon. Judges of the High Court. Those sworn in this morning are as follows:

Hon. Lady Justice Dorcas Munkombwe Malama

Hon. Mr. Justice Charles Kafunda

Hon. Mr. Justice Daniel Musonda

Hon. Mr. Justice Joshua Banda

Hon. Lady Justice Marriam Bah-Matandala

Hon. Lady. Justice Twaambo Shalwindi Musonda

Hon. Mr. Justice Willie Sinyangwe

Hon. Mr. Justice John Harrison Mbuzi

Hon. Lady Justice Mwaaka Chigali Mikalile

Hon. Mr. Justice Lameck Mwale

In his remarks, His Excellency, the Republican President Mr. Edgar C. Lungu congratulated the Judges on their well-deserved appointment. He said that the swearing in of 10 Judges of the High Court is in line with government’s policy of career progression and increases the number of High Court Judges countrywide from 41 to 51.

His Excellency implored the Judges to use their vast previous experiences in executing their role, and reminded them of the expectations of the people of Zambia to whom they are accountable. The President emphasised the importance of  executing Judges’ duties with unquestionably high integrity and professionalism in a manner inspired by the principles of judicial authority and accountability provided for in Article 118(2) of the Constitution, more so that this has come at a time when the public is enlightened to efficiency in the administration of justice.

The President also reminded the Judges that their swearing in has come at a crucial time in the electoral cycle of Zambia, and that the courts would soon be inundated with electoral disputes, as such, Judges ought to dispense justice without fear or favour.

In congratulating the Judges, the Hon. Acting Chief Justice, Justice Michael Musonda, SC echoed President Lungu’s sentiments on the need to reflect on the expectations of the people of Zambia, and that must translate into quality delivery of justice. He commended the Judges on their stellar performance in the previous portfolios held, and cautioned them against falling into backlog, which is costly on time, emotions, and resources to both the Judiciary and the people of Zambia.

Justice Musonda reminded the Judges that the office of Judge is one of esteem, honour and prestige, but that these come at a price of impeccable integrity which entails hard work, and sacrifice.

Kalumba Chisambisha-Slavin

Judiciary of Zambia

Email: kalumba.slavin@judiciaryzambia.com



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