Justice Dr. Mumba Malila, Sc Sworn in as Chief Justice of the Republic of Zambia



Lusaka 22nd December 2021– His Excellency President Hakainde Hichilema, this afternoon swore in Hon. Justice Dr. Mumba Malila, SC as Chief Justice of the Republic of Zambia.

In his congratulatory remarks, the President described the Chief Justice as a distinguished scholar whose academic and professional track record is undebatable, and that his appointment has been unanimously endorsed by the people of Zambia. He encouraged the Chief Justice to live up to the high expectations of the people of Zambia and reminded him that justice ought to be delivered in a timely and fair manner

Speaking during his maiden address as Chief Justice in a virtual address to adjudicators and members of staff of the Judiciary this afternoon, Chief Justice Malila set out his vision for the judiciary which is in line with the institution’s vision as that of a just and accountable judiciary guaranteeing justice for all and is underpinned by the republican constitution.

The Chief Justice outlined his vision for the institution as follows:

  • A transformed Judiciary that will reclaim public trust and confidence;
  • An institution that is truly co-equal to the other arms of government, consolidated in its independence, especially financial independence;
  • An establishment that will prime the fair administration of justice for all anchored on the core values of impartiality, independence, accountability, ethical and professional practices, fair procedures and respect for human rights;
  • A Judiciary that society will identify with as a dependable ally in vindicating their rights and promoting the rule of law;
  • A Judiciary with an unquestionably properly qualified and highly motivated workforce.

In her remarks, Chief Administrator of Judiciary, Ms. Nalishebo Imataa, congratulated His Lordship Hon. Justice Dr. Mumba Malila, SC on his timely and well-deserved appointment as Chief Justice of the Republic of Zambia. She highlighted Chief Justice Malila’s detailed stellar academic and professional profile which can be accessed on www.judiciaryzambia.com as being among other things, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, an avid human rights activist and a recipient of the 2019 Zambian Human Rights Award.

In the same vein, Ms. Imataa expressed gratitude to the Hon. Deputy Chief Justice, Hon. Mr. Justice Michael Musonda, SC for exceptionally holding the fort as Acting Chief Justice from the time of the demise of the late Chief Justice Hon. Justice Irene C. Mambillima who passed away on 20th June 2021.

The appointment of Hon. Justice Dr Malila, SC as Chief Justice on 17th November 2021 and subsequent ratification by the national assembly on 21st December 2021, is in line with the provisions of Article 140 (a) of the constitution of Zambia, as amended by the Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) Act No.2 of 2016, which mandates the President of the Republic of Zambia to appoint the Chief Justice of Zambia on the recommendation of the judicial service commission subject to ratification by the National Assembly.



Kalumba Chisambisha-Slavin

Judiciary of Zambia

Email: kalumba.slavin@judiciaryzambia.com




Justice Dr. Mumba Malila, Sc Sworn in as Chief Justice of the Republic of Zambia


Photo Credit: Macson Wasamu, Zambia Daily Mail

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